11 Cars with CD Players in 2024 | The Last of Their Kind (Flawless Car Guide)

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cars with cd players

Despite technology leaping forward at breakneck speed, there is something incredibly comforting and nostalgic about playing a CD in your car, hearing the familiar whir of the disc as it spins up, and hearing the crisp, rich sound.

Digital music streaming has become the norm, but some still enjoy the tactile, physical experience of listening to a CD while driving.

This article is a salute to you, the discerning driver who still cherishes the allure of CDs. We are here with a list of 11 cars with CD players 2024. 

The Appeal of CD Players in Cars:

Despite today’s rapid pace of technological advancement, CD players often evoke a sense of nostalgia. Inserting a CD, waiting for it to spin up, and hearing its rich, crisp sound evokes a simpler time.

Although streaming services have some advantages, they cannot replace CDs when it comes to charm.

The superior sound quality of CDs is undeniable. CDs have a clearer, more detailed sound than the compressed audio files used by many streaming services.

2024 New Cars & SUVs With CD Players:

Subaru Outback Touring (SUV): A Nod to Classic Tunes

cars with cd players

The Subaru Outback Touring trims are excellent for off-road enthusiasts and classic music lovers. The 2023 and 2024 Outback Touring trims are equipped with a single-disc CD player conveniently located in the centre console.

It’s important to note that the Touring and Touring XT trims offer the feature exclusively. So, if you’re considering Subaru 2023 cars with CD players, look for those trims specifically.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2022: Luxury Meets Classic Audio

cars with cd players

Priced at $44,900, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 2022 offers a 2.0L engine with 255 horsepower and a comfortable and high-quality interior.

The car does not prioritize athletic performance over power. However, a powerful V8 engine is available for those who want more control.

This is one of the new cars with CD players that offer an appealing combination of luxury and nostalgia. The infotainment system in this car is praised for its ease of use, and some models come with a CD player.

Nissan Maxima SV (Sedan/Sports Car): Power and Melody in One Package

cars with cd players

Nissan’s Maxima SV trim combines modern convenience with traditional charm, making it unique among sedans and sports cars

In addition, this feature makes it stand out from other Nissan sedans, and it illustrates Nissan’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs of its customers.

In addition to a robust and smooth 3.5-litre DOHC 24-valve V6 engine, the Nissan Maxima SV 2023 boasts a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Drive Mode Selector.

The Maxima SV is an excellent alternative for those seeking power and the ability to listen to their CD collection on the go. It also includes essential safety and comfort features.

Lexus LC 500: A Swansong for CD Players

new cars with CD players

LC 500s are among the last cars to feature CD players. Lexus planned to retire them in 2023, making the current model one of the previous. 

This vehicle is a visual treat, a high-performance luxury car with an aggressive design.

The LC 500’s powerful V8 engine delivers 471 horsepower, while its automatic gearbox ensures smooth changes to complement its exhilarating performance. 

It offers a refined driving experience, a luxurious interior, and advanced technology.

Hence, if you cherish your CD collection, get an LC 500 before they are no longer available.

Toyota Sequoia 2022: Power and Versatility

new cars with CD players

For those looking for new cars with CD players, the Toyota Sequoia 2022 is a great choice.

This SUV is powerful and versatile, making it ideal for all terrains. Its symmetrical all-wheel drive and Boxer engine ensure stability and efficiency.

Its impressive exterior design, high ground clearance, and sturdy tyres make it a good choice for drivers seeking adventure. The interior features a comfortable and functional layout that appeals to those who enjoy comfort and functionality.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that combines practicality, confidence, and the ability to play your CDs, the Toyota Sequoia 2022 is worth considering.

Subaru Forester: Adventure Meets Functionality

new cars with CD players

The Subaru Forester is a versatile SUV with quality features priced at $44,450. Its 2.5L engine produces 182 horsepower, making it efficient and powerful. 

The vehicle’s exterior features an increased ground clearance and robust tire arches to handle a wide range of terrains.

Forester’s interior is comfortable and functional, attracting drivers seeking practicality and security. The CD player satisfies the needs of consumers who still prefer this audio format.

BMW X7 2022: Luxury and Power

new cars with CD players

This SUV delivers a powerhouse performance balance, with all-wheel drive and turbocharged engines for increased performance.

In addition to its 3.0L engine, the BMW X7 has all-wheel drive to provide a comfortable driving experience.

In addition to being one of the world’s most powerful SUVs, the ALPINA X7 offers a luxurious and high-tech interior, including an infotainment system incorporating a CD player.

ALPINA XB7’s price starts at $142,295, but power and luxury cannot be separated.

GMC Terrain 2022: A Compact Powerhouse

CD players in cars

The GMC Terrain 2022 is a compact SUV that offers power and efficiency. Powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged gas engine, it generates 170 horsepower with its 9-speed automatic transmission.

While it competes against rivals such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Hyundai Tucson, it offers an attractive exterior and user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system.

Although the Terrain’s cargo space is limited, it offers a quiet, comfortable ride, and some models also include a CD player for those who still enjoy listening to CDs.

Cadillac Escalade 2022: The Epitome of Luxury

CD players in cars

The Cadillac Escalade 2022, with its powerful 6.2 L V-8 engine, offers 420 horsepower and 460 torque. It costs $79,440.

With high-tech digital displays and redesigned rear suspension, the interior offers a spaceship-like feel with three rows of adult seating.

Some Escalade models come equipped with a CD player for music lovers who prefer CDs.

Dodge Durango 2022: Power Meets Versatility

CD players in cars

The Dodge Durango 2022, priced at $39,355, has a 3.6L V-6 engine and enhanced towing capability.

Its rear-wheel drive layout allows it to be practical as well as powerful.

Despite the Durango’s shorter length, it offers a unique Hellcat version that boasts 710 horsepower, and yes, you can still find models with CD players.

Nissan Armada 2022: Spacious and Comfortable

cars with cd players 2024

Nissan’s Armada SUV offers ample seating for eight passengers. Its fuel-efficient V-8 engine ensures a comfortable ride, and its handling may be smoother than some rivals.

The Armada is a good value for those who value comfort and space over sophistication.

Specific versions come with a CD player for those who still prefer CDs.

While the number of cars with CD players 2023 is dwindling, you can still find plenty of options if you know where to look for them.

How to Choose the Right Car with a CD Player?

  • The first thing to check when choosing a car with a CD player is that the player is in good working order. This is especially important when purchasing used cars with CD players.
  • If the CD player supports shuffle play or multi-CD changes, ensure it can read various CD formats.
  • When choosing a car for your CD listening experience, consider the quality of the audio system. Bose and Harman Kardon are both quality brands that provide high-quality sound systems.
  • Always confirm the availability of a CD player before purchasing, especially for the 2023 and 2024 models. As CD players are becoming less common, some trim levels may not include them even if other trims of the same model do.
cars with cd players 2024

The Future of CD Players in Cars:

As digital trends evolve and nostalgic preferences persist, car CD players will likely remain popular.

Digital music options such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration are replacing CD players in many manufacturers. However, CDs’ sound quality, physical tangibility, and nostalgic value remain a niche market among drivers.

Honda and Toyota models from 2022 and 2023 are often sought after because they still have CD players.

Fewer new cars will feature CD players in the future, but they won’t disappear completely, especially in the used car market. Manufacturers may offer CD players as an option in the future.

Even though the prevalence of CD players in cars is declining, options are still available for those who value them. Always consider all factors when choosing a new Honda car, whether it has a CD player or not.

FAQs About Cars With CD Players

Q: Do any 2024 cars have a CD player?

Ans: Yes, there are some 2024 cars with CD players. Subaru, for instance, offers CD players in models like the Outback and Forester.

Q: How can I play CDs in my car without a CD player?

Ans: There are several ways to play CDs without a CD player in a car. You could connect a portable CD player to the car’s audio system using Bluetooth, an aux cord, USB, an FM transmitter, or a cassette tape adaptor.

Q: Are there any benefits to having cars with CD players 2024?

Ans: A CD player in a car in 2024 can offer a more comprehensive music selection, better sound quality, and a sense of nostalgia.

Q: What 2022 cars have CD Players?

Ans: Several 2021/2022 car models offer factory CD players, including the:

Toyota cars with CD players include:

Honda cars with CD players include:

Specific Nissan models, like the Rogue Sport, Frontier, 370Z, and Juke, also have CD players.

Q: How to Play a CD in a Car Without a Factory CD Player?

Ans: Consider aftermarket installation or a USB CD player to play CDs in your car. Both options require purchasing parts and labour.

USB players connect to your car’s audio system via USB cable, offering an affordable and compatible solution for modern vehicles.

Q: Why did cars stop having CD players?

Ans: Car manufacturers stopped including CD players in vehicles to adapt to digital trends. As streaming services and smartphone integration became more popular, the demand for CD players decreased.

However, for those who still enjoy CDs, portable smart CD players offer a solution that can be used in newer cars.


In conclusion, while the automotive industry continues to advance technologically, CD players remain a niche market.

 We have discussed that choosing 2024 cars with CD players requires several factors, ranging from the quality of the CD player to the overall performance and features of the car’s audio system.

With digital music options gaining popularity, the CD players in cars future looks uncertain. However, some brands, like Honda and Toyota, remain committed to customers who prefer CDs, offering CD players in some models.

CD players will likely persist in the used car market and as optional features in some models even as they become less common in new cars.

When choosing a car with a CD player, consider your needs, preferences, and the value you place on such features.

If you’re drawn to CDs’ tangible nostalgia or distinctive sound quality, options are still available. Your perfect ride might be just around the corner.

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