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How to make your car faster

Ever since the dawn of automotive engineering, people have been trying to make their cars go faster. The first cars were made for speedsters who wanted to race each other, and over time, that activity has morphed into the general public wanting to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Advancements in car technology in recent years have made it possible for us to increase the speed of our vehicles. As a result, many motorists purchase aftermarket auto components without considering the effects those parts will have on their vehicle’s performance.

This article seeks to inform you on how to make your car faster in 27 exciting ways. Before you take it upon yourself to make the car faster, make sure that you research the laws and regulations in your state. In some states, certain modifications may need permission and some may be illegal.

How To Make Your Car Faster In 27 Ways?

There are a few different ways that help in making the car faster. You can modify your car’s engine, transmission, and suspension by installing aftermarket parts. or by reducing its mass. The car’s aerodynamics can be improved as well, of course. Here are the 27 ways how to make my car faster:

How to make your car faster

Regular Maintenance:

Maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis is one of the simplest ways to increase its speed. Cars that haven’t been taken care of will seem bumpier and sluggish on the road. On the other side, a well-maintained car will respond better to the driver’s input, be more lively on the road, and use less fuel.

Regular maintenance is not only what make your car faster but also helps the vehicle last longer. It will prevent your car from losing horsepower over time as well it just takes a little time and money to maintain your car in good condition.

There are a few things you can do on a regular basis to make sure your car is running as fast as possible. First, always check the air pressure in your tires and make sure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. If your tires are not inflated properly, it will cause your car to work harder and slower. You should also check the oil level in your engine and change the oil if it’s getting low. Neglecting to change the oil can cause your engine to seize up, which will definitely slow you down.

Finally, make sure that all of your fluids are topped off and that your brakes are working properly. Driving with worn-out brakes can severely reduce your speed and increase the distance it takes for you to stop.

If you neglect your car’s maintenance, it will destroy your efforts to make the car faster. If you are confused about car maintenance, we have already written a complete checklist on car maintenance. Do check that out as well.

Reduce The Car Weight:

There is a misconception that in order to make the car faster, you must have it tuned by a professional and invest in aftermarket parts. While this may be true for some cars, there are ways to achieve better performance without spending a fortune. One way is to simply lose weight. Weight is the enemy of performance, so it might seem counterintuitive to try to reduce weight in a car.

When it comes to accelerating and braking, a few pounds might make all the difference. Losing weight not only improves performance, but it can also help save money on gas.

Using lighter materials and reducing the size of the car’s fuel tank are just a few of the techniques used to lighten the vehicle. Many cars have seen an improvement in top speed as a result of these performance enhancements.

How to make your car faster

Install Light Wheels:

The car you drive may be fast, but it would be faster if it had a lighter wheel. Lighter wheels are what make a car faster. Lighter wheels improve the handling of a vehicle because they reduce weight, make steering more responsive, and they can make turning more effective.

Lighter wheels also reduce the rotational inertia of the car, meaning that it takes less energy to get the car up to speed. Finally, lighter wheels also improve fuel economy, as they require less power to rotate.

In theory, lighter wheels are among the list of things to make your car faster. By reducing the rotating mass, you’re removing one more obstacle for the engine to overcome. In practice, it’s not always that simple. Some durability may have to be sacrificed for better performance because a lighter wheel may not be as sturdy as a heavier one. Brakes and suspension should also be checked for their ability to cope with a lighter wheel.


In the world of motorsports, the quest for speed is an ongoing battle. Racers are always looking for new and innovative ways to make the car faster. There are a lot of products on the market that promise to be what make a car faster, but many of them are snake oil. One of the most important components of making the car faster is getting high-quality tires.

Performance depends heavily on a car’s tires. Your car will be slower and less stable if it has the wrong tires on it. To get the most out of your vehicle, make sure you’re using the proper tires for the conditions you’re traveling in. If you plan to race your vehicle, you’ll need racing tires. Track tires are required for any driving on the track. Street tires are required for all vehicles driven on public roads.

With better quality tires drivers can maintain their speed on curves, brake faster for emergencies, and improve fuel efficiency.

How to make your car faster

Exhaust Mufflers:

Exhaust mufflers can play a large role in the speed of your car. By removing the exhaust muffler, you can increase the airflow and make your car faster. However, this is not a recommended modification for everyone. If you are not familiar with cars and how they work, you may end up doing more harm than good.

In addition, if you do not have a good exhaust system in place, you could damage your engine. Before making any modifications to your car, it is important to consult with an expert to make sure that you are taking the right steps.

Intake Of Short Rams:

Install short ram intakes for cars to make them more aerodynamic and will help make the car faster. The design of a short ram intake is much different than a regular one. A regular ram air intake has an airbox that allows for more air to enter your engine, whereas a short ram intake only has a tube that connects from the air filter to the throttle body.

Shorter rams provide more torque which increases acceleration and top speed because there is less air resistance during high RPMs. These ways to make your car faster will make you go faster in a shorter distance.

How to make your car faster

Changing the Air Filters:

One relatively easy way to make your car faster is to change the air filters. This can be done by either replacing the existing air filters with ones that are designed for performance or by modifying the existing filters. Either way, this is a relatively cheap and easy way to improve your car’s performance.

Air filters play a very important role in your car’s performance. They are responsible for filtering out dirt and other debris from the air that enters the engine. This helps keep the engine clean and running smoothly. However, when they become clogged with dirt and debris, they can actually affect the performance of the engine. This is why it is important to regularly clean or replace your air filters.

Replacing the air filters with ones that are designed for performance can help improve your car’s acceleration and top speed.

Effective Cams:

Car cams are new things to make your car faster by allowing you to see real-time data from your steering wheel and accelerator pedal. Cams are designed to alter the air intake of a car engine, either by improving airflow or by reducing airflow, depending on what is desired.

This can lead to better performance for your car. If you are looking for how to make my car faster without sacrificing fuel efficiency, the cam kit is useful for you.

Upgrade The Fuel System:

The fuel system of your car is essential for making the car faster. Fuel pumps and fuel lines are the main focus of an upgraded fuel system. Fuel systems in cars are designed to maximize performance and reduce emissions.

For the same level of performance, a fuel system modification can increase performance while reducing emissions or cutting down on fuel use. The cost of the upgrade varies by car model and engine, but an estimate can be obtained.

How to make your car faster

Effective Car Brakes:

There are a lot of things that influence how to make my car faster. The engine, the transmission, the weight of the car, and the tires all play a role. But one thing that people often don’t think about is the brakes. Believe it or not, your car’s brakes can actually make it faster.

The brakes on a car are used to increase and decrease how much resistance is applied to the spinning wheels. More resistance will make it harder for the cars to move, and less resistance will make it easier for them to spin.

Ignoring the upgrading of brakes can be a safety hazard not only for you but for other drivers on the road as well. For improving the brake performance is essential to pay close attention to how much brake fluid you have in your system before every drive. 

Forced Air Units:

Among how to make your car faster, the two different types of forced air units that can be added to your car are turbochargers and superchargers. Their presence can enhance the – performance and maintain fuel efficiency:

  • Superchargers:

In order to improve an engine’s power output, a supercharger is a form of forced induction device that uses high-pressure air to pump into it. A 50 percent increase in power can be achieved compared to natively aspirated engines on the same fuel, making the car faster and more fuel-efficient.

Unlike a turbo or nitrous oxide, a supercharger does not produce additional power; it simply increases the car’s speed by allowing more fuel to be delivered to the combustion chamber. Superchargers have the potential to increase top speeds by up to 40 mph, reduce fuel economy, and hasten the deterioration of vehicle components.

  • Turbochargers:

A turbocharger is a device that enhances the performance and efficiency of a gasoline engine. Turbines compress air entering the engine, increasing pressure and causing more fuel to be pumped in. Because of this, the engine’s combustion capacity is increased because more oxygen is present. Additionally, because the engine’s pistons have less resistance, the higher pressure allows for faster and more energy-efficient movement by the driver.

Turbochargers improve the engine’s combustion since they are able to produce more pressure than a conventional engine. This permits the engine to run at a higher RPM, resulting in a boost in horsepower and torque.

Intake Of Cold Air:

Modification in intake systems of the car is very crucial if you are looking for things to make your car faster.

It has been demonstrated that cold air intakes can increase performance by up to 3-5 horsepower without increasing engine capacity or adjusting the fuel mixture. You may burn more fuel and generate more power with less effort if you take in air at a lower temperature.

In order to install a cold air intake system, it is necessary for people to tune their engine and use an aftermarket ECU.

Injecting Nitrous Oxide Kit:

It is possible to increase the performance of an engine by using nitrous oxide. Adding this to the intake air increases combustion efficiency while decreasing the amount of fuel required. Nitrous oxide kits allow drivers to quickly make the car faster by pumping more air into the engine than would otherwise be possible.

How to make your car faster

Upgrade Carburetor:

Carburetors are an integral part of a car’s engine that transforms fuel into power. You might be wondering how they work, or why you should want to upgrade yours They are the device that mixes the gas with air so it can be used by the engine In order to increase performance, a person should add a fuel injection system.

Installing a new carburetor could be one of the most beneficial ways to make your car faster without having to swap engines, leading to an increase in fuel efficiency and saving you money on gas. The main reason most cars are equipped with carburetors is that fuel injection systems are complicated and expensive to produce.

This makes it an unlikely choice for the average driver in the market for a new vehicle.

Customize Your Spark Plug:

There are many different ways to make your car faster, one such way is the spark plug. Spark plug also plays a key role in determining how quickly a car can accelerate. A high-performance spark plug aids in making the car faster by ionizing the fuel mixture, heat transfer, and improving the air-fuel ratio through advanced combustion.

Typically, a car’s speed is dictated by its ability to use fuel. Most cars are limited to a certain number of gears since they can only go at the speed of their engines. There are numerous components in your car’s engine that can be enhanced or changed.

The spark plug is one of the most common and inexpensive upgrades. In order to get the most out of your car, examine your existing plugs and determine if they need to be replaced.

Tuning Drivetrain:

The goal of tuning a car’s drivetrain is to improve the vehicle’s acceleration and top speed. When the engine is running, it produces power that turns into rotational energy that can be transferred to the wheels and provide motion. There are four components that accumulate power from the engine before turning it into rotational energy: Transmission, Differential, Driveshaft, and Tires. These four components are not always tuned for performance.

The drivetrain of a car consists of the engine, transmission, and driveline its tuning will result in higher top speeds and quicker acceleration when driving around turns, and the suspension components have been improved for better handling.

A car is slowed down by the mass of its engine and transmission. When these components are lightweight, they can be more quickly accelerated and decelerated making the car faster.

How to make your car faster

Sizeable Rims:

Speed is an issue for car enthusiasts. Speed boosts adrenaline levels, which is the reason why people are drawn to auto racing. Speed in a car is affected by many factors, so what you think is the best way to make your car faster might not work at all. 

Making the car faster is easier than ever before. Installing bigger rims can be aesthetically pleasing. These rims are supposed to make the car faster because they have a lower profile, which means less space on the ground, thus more air under the car. 

Larger rims make your car lighter and create an almost instant boost in acceleration and top speed. The best part about these rims is that they’re inexpensive and easy to install.

Attach EMC Programmer:

Attach an EMC Programmer to your car to increase performance. The programmer plugs into the car’s diagnostic port and alters the engine’s computer settings to improve fuel economy, horsepower, and torque. Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. Once the programmer is attached, you can immediately feel the difference in your car’s performance.

There are many types of EMC programmers that can be installed for different cars. Some go under the hood and some in the trunk. The average price for one programmer is $50-75, so it is relatively cheap.

Using ECM programmers for additional purposes, such as recalibrating the speedometer after installing wheels and tires of varying sizes, can be beneficial.

How to make your car faster

Improving Suspension Component:

Among the ways to make your car faster, many components must be improved one of them is the suspension component. The major reason for this is that outdated, worn-out suspension components can restrict your car from driving as fast as it is capable of going. If the engine is able to create a given level of power and the wheels are not able to convey that power to the ground, then nothing will happen.

Stabilization and movement are controlled by the suspension system which includes components such as shock absorbers, springs, and links. More spring stiffness means better handling since it makes it easier for your car to take on heavier loads without buckling or bottoming out.

Shock absorbers, coil springs, and hydraulic valves can all be used to improve suspension components. It has the potential to increase the vehicle’s speed by up to 15%. Vehicle handling and weight distribution are enhanced by suspension systems, but ride quality is negatively impacted as well. The suspension has a considerable impact on the vehicle’s speed and performance, as well as its overall safety.

Speed Up-Gradation:

A speedy car is a dream for many people. The performance and speed of the engine rely on the engine’s size. A small increase in size will not produce a noticeable difference but an increase in the power of the engine can result in a car that can do 0-60 mph in 5 seconds or less.

Changes are being made to the car industry to make it more competitive, and speeding up-gradation is one of them. Speed up-gradation for the car will aid in making the car faster with no need to buy a new one with this upgrade.

The major improvements made in this area are the reduced weight, increased power, reduced aerodynamic drag, and reduced rolling resistance.

How to make your car faster

Switch Off AC:

If you love the idea of driving but hate the thought of sitting in traffic, you may want to consider removing your air conditioner. It sounds crazy, but with a little bit of research and some elbow grease, it could be worth your while. The trade-off you’re making is an increased performance at the expense of comfort.

Many people would never even think about removing their air conditioning from the list of what make a car faster, but there are many benefits that come with it. The first benefit is weight savings. Nearly all cars on the road today have air conditioning, and not only do these systems weigh a lot (around 160 pounds), but they also take up valuable space under the hood that can be used for other engine components.

Removing the AC from your car can make the car faster and save you money on gas and wear and tear over time they are considered the worst horsepower parasites of cars

Changing Underdrive Pulleys:

Switching out the underdrive pulleys is a simple and easy technique to increase your car’s speed. As a result, the engine’s resistance is reduced, and more power is delivered to the driving shaft. The first step is to remove the belts, then use an air wrench to remove the old pulleys, clean the area with brake cleaner, then replace them with replacement pulleys.

In order to slow down the engine, the engine’s underdrive pulley is a necessary part of the engine. Your engine will be able to function at a higher RPM and power output if you install more pulleys. This will result in a better overall feel and performance for the car.

How to make your car faster

Replacement Of Old Components:

If you want to make your car faster and increase its performance, make sure you replace or upgrade the old parts for making the car faster. There are many components to a car that can be replaced to make it faster, but people are often confused as to which parts should be upgraded.

The engine, transmission, and clutch are the three most critical components for enhancing performance, hence modifications should be focused on these three areas. A torque wrench is a popular piece of equipment required for these types of repairs.

In order to keep the engine and transmission systems from being damaged or malfunctioning, a torque wrench is employed. These changes will include not just improving speed but also fuel efficiency.

Enhance Downforce And Lower The Drag:

Downforce is a counterforce to the natural force of lift. A plane with a lot of downforce has a lot of lift. This increases the plane’s traction, allowing it to travel at a faster rate. Tires can spin out while driving at high speeds, especially while making sharp turns or negotiating an exit ramp. This would be minimized, and the car would accelerate more quickly as a result, if there was less drag.

Ground effects can be improved by using carbon fiber panels. Additional options include adding or removing front splitters or decreasing the vehicle’s coefficient of drag (Cd).

Drag or Aerodynamic Drag is the force that resists the motion of an object through a fluid, such as air.  The frontal area can be reduced while downforce is increased to reduce this effect. Air resistance is reduced when a vehicle is more aerodynamic, which means it uses less power to move through the same volume of air.

The two ways to reduce the drag coefficient are by removing the excess weight from your car’s body, and by adopting a low-drag shape.

Polish Your Driving Skills:

Polishing your driving skills will help you get the most out of your car’s potential.

First, make sure that you’re using the right gear. In most cases, the higher the gear, the slower the car will go. Use lower gears when you need more power, and save the high gears for cruising on the highway.

Second, use your brakes wisely. Slamming on your brakes will only slow you down. Instead, use a light touch on the brake pedal to slow down gradually. This will help you keep your speed under control and avoid accidents.

Finally, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the better driver you’ll become.


In conclusion, there are many ways that you can make your car faster. Whether you are looking to improve the engine, the transmission, or the body of the car, there is something for everyone. Some are more expensive or complicated than others, but all will improve your car’s performance.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, try some of these methods and see how much of a difference they make. Just be sure to do your research and take your time so that you can make the best decisions for your car. And always remember to drive safely!