Top 10 Cars With Swivel Seats – Ultimate Comfort & Accessibility in 2024

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cars with swivel seats

Swivel seats are a big deal in the world of cars for both car enthusiasts and those with limited mobility issues. This feature was heavily influenced by Virgil Exner’s sleek, modern designs which were originally introduced by Chrysler and General Motors.

Now common in wheelchair-accessible vehicles, swivel seats were added to make it easier for people who have trouble getting in and out of cars. 

The popularity of this feature died soon but we recently saw some attempts at bringing it back into modern vehicles as an option once again for practicality’s sake. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the fascinating realm that is cars with swivel seats. 

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Classic Cars with Swivel Seats:

DeSoto Adventurer 1959: The Luxurious Era

cars with swivel seats

The DeSoto Adventurer 1959 was one of those mid-range Chrysler products from the 50s that forever changed what people thought about having it as the next vehicle.

This car had rotating car seats which were among its many unique features; it even came as a convertible!

All these things combined made this auto stand apart from anything else at that time.

Dodge Custom Royal 1959: An Epitome of Comfort and Innovation

cars with swivel seats

It gave off an American vibe in terms of design during this post-war period where flashy appearances mattered most among top-of-the-line models.

Not only did the Dodge Custom Royal offer optional front swivel seats but also featured other enticing qualities like an elliptical steering wheel which made it look more sophisticated than any other car on the market in those days.

Essentially what set Dodge Custom Royal apart from the competition were its swiveling car seats.

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Chrysler 300F 1960: A Blend of Luxury and Functionality

cars with swivel seats

The luxurious Chrysler 300F 2960 was indeed the ultimate luxury car offering features and performance like Bentley.

This model was not just known for being unit-body designed nor having ram induction; however what made people fall in love with these automobiles back then were the swiveling front seats located inside of a cockpit-like interior.

By giving this auto a cocktail-like feel through the use of a swivel seating arrangement, Chrysler maximized all benefits associated with such design hence making it very attractive overall. It marked the end rotational seating system for them as no other car had done before.

Therefore, the Chrysler 300f 1960 is significant in automotive history because it was the last model that came with rotating seats from the Chrysler company.

Plymouth Sport Fury 1959: A Testament to Practical Elegance

cars with swivel seats

The Fury was introduced in 1956 as Plymouth’s flagship model; it became their top-selling budget option too due to its practicality combined with a sporty appearance.

There were new styling options provided alongside powertrain choices plus an onboard record player and optional swivel front seats.

“Sport Fury Swivel Seats” added a modern touch to the sleek dashboard design which made the Plymouth Sport Fury 1959 one of MOPARs golden year’s vehicles.

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Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1973: The Iconic Colonnade Car with Swivel Seats

cars with rotating seats

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1973, Chevelle, and Monte Carlo were colonnade Auto by General Motors which brought about the introduction of swivel seats in cars during the seventies era.

From the year 1973 until the year 1977; these innovative swivel chairs known as colonnades came equipped in this automobile.

Monte Carlo swivel bucket seats were designed keeping the passenger’s ultimate comfort during ride smoothness factor in mind therefore they provide both luxury and convenience at once.

Just like Chrysler’s rotating seats though short-lived still had a long-lasting impact on automotive industry development.

Today people remember Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme models especially those manufactured between years ’72 -’74 because apart from having rotating seats they are also seen as classics that combine style practicality and comfort thus influencing current auto designs while paving a path towards future innovations such as SUV with swivel front seats.

Modern Cars with Rotating Seats: A New Standard of Convenience and Comfort

Ford Transit: Combining Power and Convenience

cars with rotating seats

The famous commercial van has taken over the market with a car named after its rotating front seat. 

It boasts of having a spacious cargo area which makes it ideal for carrying both passengers and goods. It is also powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. 

Ford Transit introduced swivel seats that have changed everything about convenience in cargo and passenger transport hence its unique nature among cars with rotating seats.

Dodge Grand Caravan: A Game Changer in Seating Arrangement

cars with rotating seats

Rotating front seats are featured in this versatile minivan which can accommodate seven passengers thanks to a 3.6L V6 engine powering it. 

We can now get extra cargo space by folding the second and third rows, thanks to its unique “Stow n Go” feature.

Swivel seats of Grand Caravan allow easy access to rear rows making it loved by families as well as caregivers who find this particular characteristic important when looking at swivel seats on mobility friendly vehicles.

Chevy Express: Versatility Meets Comfort

car with swivel seats

With a maximum payload capacity of 4,282 pounds, this makes it perfect for large equipment and cargo transportation where needed.

Being driven by a 4.3L V6 engine van that can carry up to fifteen people. 

To ensure comfortability for drivers and passengers alike, the Express model of this car with rotating seats offers versatility and ease of transfer.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Luxury on Wheels

car with swivel seats

When you buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you don’t just buy yourself a vehicle but an experience on wheels too; so much more than what meets the eye!

With swiveling front seats plus a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine there’s enough space even for fifteen people who want to travel comfortably together at once.

One of the world’s most popular executive as well as VIP autos is equipped with advanced safety features and state-of-the-art entertainment options thus making it a Sprinter.

Swivel seats turn this commercial van into a mobile workspace, perfect for people who need to work on the go.

Toyota Sienta: Compact Yet Comfortable

car with swivel seats

Among cars with rotating seats, the Toyota Sienta stands out due to its unique tilting seat mechanism. 

Despite being designed in such a way that it saves space this feature ensures passenger comfort without compromising accessibility. 

Sienta adds comfortability and maneuverability into the compact MPV segment by having versatile seating arrangements plus second-row swivel seats.

Why Choose Cars With Swivel Bucket Seats

Now let us see why cars with swivel seats are a great selection for any car buyer.

car with rotating seats

Entry and Exit With Ease:

In tight parking spaces or when accessing the interior third row with rotating seats there is no need to twist and turn to get out of the car. 

The convenience of entry and exit is one major benefit among many benefits that come alongside choosing cars with rotating seats; this makes it easy for passengers of all ages to get in and out of the car easier since swivel seat benefits all.

Convenient Third-Row Space:

If you have a car with a rotating front seat, it becomes much easier to access the third row of an SUV. This provides an unobstructed pathway to the back, which is perfect for parents who need to reach their child seats or caregivers who need assistance with elderly/wheelchair users.

Good posture for good sitting:

Not only do rotating seats in cars provide opportunities for movement but also better postures making them suitable for people with mobility issues or those who prefer comfortable driving.

Inventive tracking system:

What sets apart these rotating seat cars is their unique track system among other things. Every detail has been taken into account when it comes to modern car designs like Monte Carlo swivel bucket seats. This ensures that there are safe and convenient 180-degree rotations.

Better visibility:

A front seat that can rotate gives drivers a different view of the road ahead. Sightlines are improved by having the option to turn around and a more commanding position is reached which makes everything look bigger thus enhancing the driving experience as well.

Disability inclusive:

The quality of life, independence, and dignity enjoyed by people living with disabilities can greatly be transformed by having a vehicle with swivel seat. Such autos for mobility provide a much more respectful way of getting in and out of them independently for a wheelchair user.

Different Types of Rotating Car Seats:

car with rotating seats

Standard Swivel Seat:

Swivel seats should be considered stock in any vehicle with revolving chairs. A wheelchair user can transfer from one chair to another – both manual and power-driven – easily; they can also be removed if need be. 

Some even have memory foam options, which work very well as an after-market accessory for many cars.

Vehicle-Specific Swivel Front Seat:

These are made specifically for certain models such as those manufactured by car companies themselves; therefore these kinds offer custom fits along with extra features not found on regular ones. 

All safety measures integrated within interiors meet stringent requirements set forth by authorities concerned with this matter ensuring maximum protection against accidents while driving any automobile fitted with these types of seats that rotate towards the front side.

Rotating Bucket Seats:

Most contemporary automobiles or vans contain rotational buckets like Monte Carlo swivels among others designed seats usually situated at their sides making them easily accessible even for tall people. 

These have higher sides and taller backrests hence providing better support for the entire body than other types of chairs when used inside autos where they are expected to rotate up to one hundred eighty degrees during operation without breaking down easily due to their strong nature coupled with comfortability thus becoming perfect accessories for those who require more relaxation while on wheels.

Reclining Swivel Front Seat:

There is nothing that beats comfort when it comes to swivelling seats thus recliners should never be left out either because some drivers may want to take a rest while driving long distances. 

These types tilt backward just like ordinary ones do but most come fitted with headrests which make them even more comfortable especially when someone wants extra relaxation during such journeys.

Therefore, these can also be found in certain expensive cars or SUVs that have front seat backs swivel to give clear views ahead of roadways even if the person seated behind tends to lean back against them while sleeping at night.

Luxury Swivel Front Seat:

Cars having seats that rotate usually possess luxury models where cushions are heated, there are provisions for massaging occupants besides other additional features being included too. 

The seats have been made in such a way that they blend well with the rest interior design hence making one feel like he/she is driving through spa facilities each time they sit on them.

Hence the best option for anybody seeking the highest levels of comfort whilst moving around various places using their automobiles equipped with these kinds of facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do all cars come standard with swiveling front seating?

A: No, not all automotive models have rotating front seats; mostly larger autos or those designed for easy access do so.

Q: Can you drive long distances in a car with a front swivel seat?

A: Comfort will depend on the model and material of the swivel seat. Swivels are generally designed to provide comfort, especially for long trips, but personal preference and existing health conditions should be taken into consideration.

Q: Do they make swivel front seats that can be customized?

A: The number of options for customizing aftermarket swivel seats is based on what the driver or passenger wants or needs.

Q: Are swivel car seats legal in the US?

A: Yes, swivel seats are legal in the US as long as they meet federal motor vehicle safety standards. If you modify your vehicle (including adding swivel seats) ensure that all changes comply with these safety requirements too.

Q: Can you put swivel seats in a car?

A: There are various types of swivel seats available depending on the vehicle and the purpose of the car seat. The best way to ensure safety and compatibility in your vehicle is to consult with a professional.

Q: What is the best swivel car seat?

A: Generally speaking, while some models such as Chrysler Pacifica or Mercedes-Benz S-Class may be more highly regarded than others, most people agree that all brands offer similar levels of functionality combined with comfort when it comes down to this particular features category – which means anyone will do just fine!

Q: Can an SUV have a swivel seat?

A: Some models, such as the Kia EV9, come with swivel seats installed from the factory. Other models can have aftermarket seats installed, but it’s important to ensure they are compatible with your vehicle model.


To sum up, we can say that the invention of rotating chairs has brought about considerable changes in the automotive industry making cars more comfortable and convenient for every traveler. 

The design is not only reminiscent of the good old days but also serves as a practical solution for people who require additional mobility assistance.

Swivel seats are commonly found in cars due to their ability to allow easy access into and out of the vehicle, as well as providing an upright position during long journeys.

With advancing technology and creative minds at work within automobile companies, future models can anticipate even greater uses for this innovation. 

Whether it be the desire for a vintage car with all its nostalgic charm or simply needing accessibility options; nothing beats having swivel seating arrangements inside your auto-mobile.

As these features become more popularized over time – expect them to crop up across different vehicle types sooner rather than later! The horizon appears bright when considering what lies ahead with such ideas implemented into mainstream motoring structures worldwide.

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